Our Social Entrepreneurs

Here you will find an overview of our members, which is constantly being updated.

Walburga Fröhlich

Walburga is a founding member and chairperson of SENA. Managing Director atempo Betriebsgesellschaft mbH – Equal working, living and housing for all people http://www.atempo.at

Bernhard Hofer

Bernhard is a founding member. He is also the founder and managing director of talentify – the social education network for school, learning and work. http://www.talentify.at

Martin Wesian

Martin is a founding member and deputy chairperson of the SENA board. Founder and Managing Director HELIOZ GmbH – Clean Drinking Water with the Help of the Sun. http://www.helioz.org

Wolfgang Kowatsch

Wolfgang is a founding member and SENA board member. Managing Partner at myAbility Social Enterprise GmbH – the innovative social consultancy for equal opportunities and a barrier-free society from within the business world. http://www.myability.org

Nina Poxleitner

Nina is co-founder and managing director of More Than One Perspective – MTOP brings together companies and refugees in the labour market and shows the potential of integration. https://mtop.at

Philipp Haydn

Philipp is the founder of mobyome, which develops visions, ideas and tools for a new understanding of alternative mobility solutions in small towns and rural communities. http://www.mobyome.at

Mirjam Mieschendahl

Mirjam is co-founder of Im Grätzl, the platform for self-employed people, makers, local businesses, associations and cultural workers. Cooperating, sharing, exchanging – new forms of cooperation and community are the focus here. http://www.imgraetzl.at

Goran Maric

Goran is a SENA board member and managing director of THREE COINS GmbH, the development company for effective educational formats in the field of financial literacy. http://www.threecoins.org

Sabrina Schifrer

Sabrina is president of Wunderwelten, an association for the promotion of inspiration, creativity and the development of potential. This serves as a platform with empathetic understanding between different groups and a wide variety of topics, dealing with the potentials of people who are willing to tackle new things. https://wunderwelten.jetzt

Emanuel Raviola

Emanuel is co-founder of OPENCOACH.at, the first online marketplace for training-on-the-job and pro bono coaching in Austria, connecting financially disadvantaged people with volunteer coaches and psychological counsellors. https://opencoach.at/

Christian Penz

Christian is the founder and managing director of Nut und Feder gemeinnützige GmbH.In ecological production and with social responsibility, high-quality furniture is made from regional materials. http://nutundfeder.at

Gabriela Sonnleitner

Gabriela is the managing director of magdas Social Business, meaningful training and jobs and future perspectives for people who do not get a chance with many other employers. http://magdas.at

Dagmar Kotzmuth

Dagmar is co-founder of dahir Lebensraummanagement Gmbh, the first socially responsible property management company. http://dahir.eu

Manuel Schuler

Manuel is co-founder of Wohnbuddy. Matching housing partners for older people in the form of young people who provide time for shared activities as well as support in everyday life for affordable housing. http://www.wohnbuddy.com

Klaus Candussi

Klaus is co-founder of atempo Betriebsgesellschaft mbH, equal working, living and housing for all people through products in the areas of general education, integration into the labour market, accessibility and evaluation of social services. http://www.atempo.at

Ahmad Majid

Ahmad is founder of Immipreneurs of Austria, a company that is nurturing and developing the potential of Immi(grant entre)preneurs by providing funding and support. http://www.immipreneurs.eu

Alexandra Vietinghoff

Alexandra is the founder and managing director of Handwerk Wien, training places for young people in the craft of dressmaking. The offer is aimed equally at young people who complete their training in the regular apprenticeship period and at young people who, for various reasons, cannot find direct access to the labour market and complete… Continue reading Alexandra Vietinghoff

Silvia Jölli

Silvia is co-founder and managing director of Heidenspass, upcycling design workshop and social work project. Developing and selling products from used materials through unbureaucratic work for young people in difficult life situations. http://www.heidenspass.cc

Asetila Köstinger

Asetila is co-founder of WeDO5, a community supporting female entrepreneurs with a focus on impact start-ups. WeDO5 is committed to inspire women to build game changer ventures, rise and create a postive impact.  https://wedo5.io/

Michaela Wohlfahrt

Michaela is co-founder of Café Namsa, which offers recognised refugees and people granted subsidiary protection the opportunity to use their strengths in a first job. http://www.cafenamsa.at

Iva Tsolova

Iva is the founder of Jamba, which supports people with special needs to access quality education, vocational training and a suitable job with a focus on ICT and AI fields. http://www.jambacareers.at

Markus Raffer

Markus is Managing Director at Tec-Innovation, who have developed a high-tech shoe with intelligent obstacle detection to make everyday life safer for visually impaired and blind people. http://www.tec-innovation.com

Mike Beer

Mike is the founder of mindcoa.ch, which aims to give people low-threshold access to psychological support through digital technologies. http://www.mindcoa.ch

Thomas Kumhofer

Thomas is the founder of Generation55plus.net, the information and service portal for older people that wants to convey a positive attitude to life, to old age and to the “adventure of ageing”. http://www.generation55plus.net/

Désirée Jonek

Désirée is the founder of WoMentor, a mentoring network to empower women through mentoring. The programme is aimed at women who want to transition or start a career with the experience of more experienced mentors. The aim is to empower women to achieve their personal and professional goals. http://www.womentor.at

Alexandra Reis

Alexandra Reis, together with Alexandra Adler, founded sain – Genusslokal. The restaurant fulfils culinary and sensual desires with an ecological, regional, and circularly conceived range of products. http://www.sain.at

Alexandra Adler

Alexandra Adler, together with Alexandra Reis, founded the sain – Genusslokal. The restaurant that fulfils culinary and sensual wishes with an ecological, regional, circularly conceived range of products. http://www.sain.at

Arwa Elabd

Arwa is founder of bibliobox, which highlights the voices of underrepresented authors to empower children, youth and young adults through representation in literature. http://www.bibliobox.at

Achim Kirschner

Achim has launched LehreUp, a project that provides individual support for apprentices and apprenticeship seekers in their school education and helps companies to inspire young people to take up apprenticeships. http://www.ojad.at

Karina Lackner

Social learning through football – this is what the open education project run by Karina, among others, stands for. Young people learn not only sporting but also emotional, mental and social skills through free regular football training. http://www.kicken-ohne-grenzen.at

Simona Nitschinger

Simona is the managing director of Bionana, a company that promotes organic, natural and sustainable gardening through the sale of rare and old plant varieties. http://www.bionana.shop

Sepp Eisenriegler

Sepp is the managing director of R.U.S.Z. Franchising GmbH, which distributes the successful R.U.S.Z. business model. R.U.S.Z. offers serious repair services for electrical appliances in order to extend their lifespan. Within the framework of this activity, R.U.S.Z. focuses on the training and employment of unemployed mechatronics technicians. https://rusz.at

Simone Biegler

Simone is the founder of NGO Gertrud, an association that supports women in Tanzania to practise self-determined agriculture and thus to give themselves and their children prospects for the future. Simone sells the coffee she grows under the brand name “meicoffee” in Austria. http://www.kaffeeprojekt.com

Kurt Essler

Kurt is the managing director of AfB mildtätige und gemeinnützige GmbH, Europe’s largest non-profit IT company. AfB stands for “work for people with disabilities”. People with and without disabilities work together at AfB to provide high-quality IT services and products. http://www.afb-group.at

Hans-Jörg Hummer

BioBalkan helps small farmers with social enterprises in the Balkans to produce their goods according to European quality and organic standards so that they can export to Austria and beyond. http://www.biobalkan.info

Wolfgang Zagler

Wolfgang is part of Tetragon, the development team for the BrailleRing. This is a reading device that translates printed text into Braille and can also be used in developing countries due to its handy, robust and low-cost design. https://tetragon.at

Marita Haas

Marita is a gender expert, working with companies to eliminate discrimination in structures and processes. By looking at gender, organizations can develop new approaches to better leverage talent and increase their innovation potential. https://www.maritahaas.at

Kerstin Wolf

Kerstin is co-founder of TWIGA Sunfruits. Together with Daniel Neyer, she offers organic farmers in Uganda the chance to enter the international trade through solar-powered fruit drying. http://www.twiga-sunfruits.org/

Daniel Neyer

Daniel is co-founder of TWIGA Sunfruits. Together with Kerstin Wolf, he offers organic farmers in Uganda the chance to enter the international trade through solar-powered fruit drying. http://www.twiga-sunfruits.org/